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October 30, 2013


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You groggily got out of bed, not wanting to be awake yet, but your job said you had to be. You stumbled over to your dresser and grabbed a clean pair of pants before heading over to your closet to pull out a clean shirt. As you opened your eyes slightly you noticed that you had no shirts currently in your closet. So you slowly looked to the left, where you tended to throw your dirty clothes, and there were all of your shirts. Fuck.

You were a squad leader and you also helped out Hanji with her experiments, so you were a pretty busy lady. You felt slightly annoyed with yourself for not having done your laundry, but at this point you had no choice but to use a dirty shirt. It couldn't be that bad right? Wrong. All of your shirts were fucking covered in blood, cuts, and dirt. Fuck. You rummaged through the pile until you found probably the cleanest and most intact shirt. You really needed to mend your shirts, but like earlier stated, you were a busy lady.

You sighed as you finished getting ready for the day ahead of you. Looking in the mirror one last time before you left, you could easily spot the small cut in the fabric on the left side of your stomach, and some red-ish stains scattered about. Was it blood? Probably, but who's? Oh well, didn't matter too much right so you just shrugged it off.

You made your way to the dining hall, and as you stepped in you spotted Levi and Hanji at your normal table. 'Ah, yes, shorty will love my shirt choice today...' You mentally sighed, knowing the talk you were about to have with him.

After getting your food, you made your way over to the table. "Morning guys." You sat down next to Hanji, and adjacent from Levi. Levi brought his bored gaze up to you, his face visibly contorting at the sight of your shirt.

"What, in the fuck, are you wearing?"

"Oh this?" You slightly tugged at you shirt, simultaneously stuffing some bread in you mouth with your other hand. After swallowing you lightly laughed at yourself, "it's the cleanest shirt I could find with morning."

"That's disgusting!" Levi was absolutely repulsed at you at this point, but you just shrugged it off.

"I'm a busy lady Levi, sorry I can't find the time to be a clean freak like someone else here."

"Maybe, but even Hanji at least wears a clean shirt everyday!"

You rolled your eyes, "Do you want to lend me a shirt then?" He looked like he contemplated it for a moment, but then you interjected again. "I think you might be a little too short for me to borrow from though. Don't want to show off my tummy to everyone..." You smirked at your own commentary.

He scowled at you, not too terribly happy with your little reminder that you are in fact taller than him. That's when the subject was dropped and you all finished your breakfast, with the occasional chitter chatter here and there.

--time skip--

You were in your office, getting paper work organized and cleaning up a little bit. As you stretched and leaned back in your chair, you hear a knock on your door. 'Who on earth could it be?' You pondered for a moment before telling them that they could come in.

Hanji busts in and throws a white button up at you. "[f/n] I found you a shirt! AND!! It should be all nice and clean for you!" The closing the door behind her and grinning at you

You grabbed the cloth and examined it for a moment. It was very clean and it was very soft to the touch, even though it was visibly pressed. With out questioning it much you discarded your other shirt and slipped on the new one. Though as you were buttoning it up you noticed a familiar scent, it was a nice fragrance. You brought the sleeve up to your nose and sniffed, trying to place said scent. "Whose shirt is this?" You questioned still trying to place the scent.

"Commander Erwin's!" Hanji's smile only brightened as she saw your face explode into a lovely shade of red.

"Er-Erwin's!?!" You were so shocked and flustered, "Wh-why did you give me HIS shirt!?"

Hanji smiled slyly at you, "Well you will have to return to him at some point, isn't that a good way to start a conversation."

You didn't stop blushing, "Hanji! Ho-" you were cut off by a knocking on your door, and it being opened shortly after, revealing none other than the Commander himself. You could feel your cheeks heating up even more as he looked at you. Here you were a blushing mess in a partially unbuttoned shirt, and said shirt was his!

"Ah, so you got the shirt!" He smiled warmly at you, you could feel your heart trying to break its way out of your chest.

"" You couldn't keep your gaze on that beautiful man, it was too hard to talk when he was around.

He lightly chuckled, "I see that it's a little big though..." You looked down at the shirt and put your arms down, the ends of the sleeves lining up with your fingers.

"I think she looks cute like that, don't you sir?" Hanji smiled warmly at her superior.

He smiled and nodded slightly, agreeing with her statement. And that was all your little heart could take, causing you to pass out right there. The last thing you could hear was the muffled sound of your name being called.


You looked around, and your eyes came into contact with those lovely blue ones that you had such a fondness for. "Ah-! Er-Erwin...where am I?"

He moved towards you, and you now realized that you were on a bed. "My room..." His voice was low and sent shivers down your spine.

"Wh-why?" He continued to move closer, closing the gap between you. He started to lean towards you, causing you to fall back onto the bed. This didn't stop him from coming closer still, as he inched closer your face kept heating up, "Erwin...Wh-what are yo-you doing...!"

He put one hand on the bed, beside your head, and the other went to your hip. "You look great in my shirt..." His words were whispered into your ear and his breath brushed across your skin teasingly.

"...Er-Erwin..." Your eyes were half-lidded at this point, and he slowly brought his lips to yours kissing you passionately. Then slowing working his way to your neck, leaving little marks here and there. He nipped slightly at the ski of your collar bone "Ah~! Erwin!"

Your eyes shot open, sitting up where you were. Oh god, it was just a dream...but what were you doing asleep? The last thing you remember was being in your office with Hanji. Then Erwin came in. Did you pass out?

"Ah, your awake!"

You turned to the source of the voice, to be met with the happy smile of Hanji. "...what happened?"

"I should ask you that! We were in your office with Erwin, then you suddenly pass out!" She was now sitting on the side of the bed. "I wanted to make sure you were ok, so I stayed."

"Ah..." A small part of you wished that it had been Erwin waiting for you to wake up, and apparently that disappointment showed on your face.

"...aaaaaaalthough~ Erwin did say he wanted you to come to his office when you were all ok" you perked up slightly at this, a blush creeping its way onto your cheeks. Hanji smiled lightly, not wanting to get you too embarrassed this time.

"I...I should let him know I'm ok now..." You moved to the edge of the bed and stood up, feeling slightly light headed as you do. Hanji steadied you, and gave you a big smile.

"Good luck!" And with that you were off, heading towards the Commanders office.

When you reached his door you stood there for a moment, steeling your nerves. Taking a deep breath you knocked on the door.

"Come in." Was the only thing that could be heard from the other side of the door. Taking another breath you slowly opened the door. As you did, his eyes shifted from the paperwork on his desk to your form in his doorway. He smiled lightly, "You're awake..."

You nodded lightly and closed his door before going farther into his office, "Hanji said you wanted to see me?"

"Yes," he point his hand to one of the chairs on the opposite side of his desk near you, "sit." You followed the order and sat in the chair, then looking up at your Commander who was now standing up from his own chair. He walked over to you and knelt down in front of you so you were at eye level. Your cheeks began to become tinted with a light blush at the sudden closeness, only to become even more flushed when he grabbed on of your hands in his. "I was worried when you suddenly passed out..." He brought your hand to his face and placed it on his cheek. "...are you feeling alright?"

Your eyes were wide and you could do nothing but stare at the man for a moment. Your eyes locked  with his. The look of worry on his face forced you to finally stutter out your response. "...I-I'm fi-fine sir...!" You went to pull your hand away, but he kept it firmly in his grasp.

"...[f/n]...what do you think of me?" He looked at you with a very serious face, but his look also told you that he knew he answer, he just wanted to hear it.

You blushed even more at this point. You wanted to look away, but his eyes forced you to continue to stare straight at him. His grip on your hand tightened a little, almost as a signal for you that he was waiting. "I...! I lo-love yo-you sir...!"

With that he leaned in and kissed you. It was so sudden though, your eyes were wide with surprise. He continued to kiss you, and when you finally did respond, he kissed you more passionately. You closed you eyes and put your arms around his neck, one of your hands finding its way into his hair. His hands were on the the arms of the chair, and he was practically standing over you. He silently asked for entrance to your mouth, sliding his tongue across your lower lip. You quickly granted him it, and he greedily explored, claiming the territory as his own.

Then there was a knock. You both separated and stared at the door "Who is it?" Erwin asked, his normal tone in his voice, even though his face showed his agitation. He pulled away from you to start putting his appearance back together. Watching him do this you did the same.


You swore you could hear Erwin curse under his breath. He fixed his hair, and stood up straight, stepping away from you slightly. "Come in." You turned your head toward the door and watched it open.

As Levi stepped in his gaze went from the Commander to you, an eyebrow slightly arched at your presence, but he didn't bother to think about it anymore. "I needed to talk to you, sir. Alone."

At this you stood up and gave a quick salute to your superiors, "Thank you for the shirt, sir." As you went to leave, Erwin followed you to the door, he grabbed your arm just before you passed the threshold and whispered to you.

"Meet me in my room tonight." You blushed and nodded, making your way out of the room. The door closing behind you. You were very happy that Hanji got you this shirt today. I've been wanting to try my hand at a lemon, and I'm thinking about maybe doing a sequel to this, but it will be a long while before I do, if I decide to make one.

Anyway, hope it isn't too OOC, and enjoy!
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roughfire2 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
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