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Hotshot pt.9 [AvengersxReader]
Still in a dazed state, you raise your hands to the part of your abdomen that is in pain and you feel something warm. Focusing, you open your eyes and look down and see a piece of shrapnel sticking out of your torso. This’ll be fun, you thought sarcastically.
You prop yourself up against the wall you were thrown onto as Steve helps Tony up. “Put on the suit!”
“Yup!” Tony replies and quickly leaves the room.
Steve ready to follow him, but he stops when he notices you. “[f/n]!” He crouches down next to you and his looks at you with concern written all over his face.
You lazily wave him off with one of your bloodied hands. “It’s ok…I’ve had worse.” You try to give him a small smile but it comes out as a grimace as you shift slightly. “Go…go help Stark…I’ll catch up.”
He looks hesitant to leave you like this, but once Fury asks Stark to go repair the turbine Steve goes off to help. Now beg
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Hotshot pt.8 [AvengersxReader]
You sat there in the lab for a bit longer, but it was rather awkward for you as they were both working silently. Not only that, but it had been quite a while since you had seen Steve. Thinking you would feel less awkward around him you got up and headed to leave.
“You’re leaving?” Bruce asked, causing you to turn back and look at him.
“Oh, I… yeah. I thought I might go find Steve.” You explained, pointing back at the door.
“Well good luck with that, Hotshot.” Tony commented, and at the wide eyed, slightly confused look on your face he continued. “That is what the old man used to call you, right? Hotshot?”
“I-yes…” You then smiled lightly thinking back to your time with Howard. “He was the only one who ever did.”
“Eh, it could use some more flair, but I suppose it’s not too bad for a 70 year old superhero name.” He gave a shrug. “I’ll work on figuring out a better one
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Hotshot pt.7 [AvengersxReader]
After Tony and Bruce left the room, everyone sort of broke off to do their own thing. Having been awake for a good portion of the day, plus using your powers earlier, you were rather hungry. Thankfully Natasha was kind enough to get you some food, which just happened to be two of your favorite kind of sandwich. “It’s so weird to think that I haven’t eaten in 70 years…” You said after swallowing as you and Steve walked around the ship.
He gave you a small smile. “I promise, the novelty wears off.”
“Well how about all the new tech? Does the novelty of that wear off too?”
“I’ll let you know when it does.”
You chuckled, taking another bite of your sandwich and walking with Steve into the lab where Bruce and Tony were. “Well, I promise a stress free environment. No tension. No surprises.” You heard Tony say followed by a slight buzzing noise.
Bruce jumps slightly, pressing his hand to his side. “Ow!
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Hotshot-on fire by xReaderRambles Hotshot-on fire :iconxreaderrambles:xReaderRambles 4 2
Hotshot pt.6 [AvengersxReader]
Natasha’s voice filled the air, signaling that you were now close to your destination and effectively shaking you out of your thoughts. Quickly running a hand through your hair, you looked over at Steve, who wore a similarly worried expression as earlier in the day when he had pulled you out of your thoughts. In an attempt to ease any worries he had you gave a smile and said, “Just processing a lot right now, I’m ok though.”
He nodded, accepting your answer. You stood up and walked closer to the cockpit looking out the window at the streets below. They were passing quickly, but it was becoming increasingly obvious where your destination was as it seemed rather chaotic at that point. The crowd forming stopped moving and started to kneel.
Just as the man in the golden armor and crazy horned helmet raises his scepter at an elderly man, Steve drops down protecting the elder and deflecting the shot back at the man causing him to fall down. Having jumped out of the pl
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Hotshot Mission outfit by xReaderRambles Hotshot Mission outfit :iconxreaderrambles:xReaderRambles 3 2
Hotshot pt.5 [AvengersxReader]
Basic training wasn't too bad. You were already pretty fit and could handle yourself pretty well, but the other guys often looked down on you and Steve, mostly Steve. Whenever they were rude to Steve you were ready to hand them there asses, but he always talked you out of it.
As you were doing push-ups, Carter was trying to motivate the group by calling them girls and what not. You always rolled your eyes whenever she did. As you switched to jumping jacks, you could see the doctor and the colonel over to the side nearby. All of a sudden the colonel threw something onto the ground by the group and shouted. "Grenade!"
As everyone else scrambled behind something, Steve lunged forward and threw himself on top of the grenade. You yelled out to him and stopped running for cover. As the grenade was declared a dummy, Steve sat up. "...Is this a test?"
You walked up to Steve, glaring at him and helped him up. "Steve, you asshole."
"I can't believe you would do that." You then sighed and
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Hotshot pt.4 [AvengersxReader]
"[f/n]... [f/n]."
Blinking a few times you came back from the memory you had just been lost in, noticing a hand in front of your face. Your eyes followed the hand up the arm and you noticed a worried looking Steve. "Huh? Is something wrong?"
He sighed and sat down next to you. "You just seemed to be spacing out."
"Ah, sorry..." You blushed a little, embarrassed that you were caught slightly out of it, and looked back down at the file in front of you.
"So...what were you thinking about?" You looked back up at him and he immediately looked like he regretted asking, rubbing the back of his neck. "...if you don't mind me asking."
You smiled and shook your head slightly. "No, it's ok especially since I was thinking about you." He blushed a little and cocked an eyebrow. "I was just remembering the night we first met."
"Ah." He responded, and then after a bit he put his face in his hands. "I can't believe you took a fist to the jaw for me the first time we met..."
You laughed. "It was a prett
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Hotshot pt.3 [AvengersxReader]
Natasha led the three of you inside of the ship, coming to a stop at a large and very impressive room. There was a large table in the room off to the left when you first entered. To the right, there was some railing sectioning off the levels of the room, followed by massive amounts of work stations with lots of people busy at them, and just beyond that was a massive window showing the sea and the sky. It was beautiful.
"Gentlemen, [f/n]" The deep voice you had hear earlier on the phone had brought your attention from the sight before you to the center of the room. He walked forward towards the table, and Steve walked towards him handing him money? Why was he doing that? You didn't think about that long though, as Steve walked forward, examining more of the ship, and the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., who you now realized you had never gotten the name of, walked up to Bruce. "Doctor, thank you for coming." He held out his hand for Bruce to shake it. Not really knowing what else to do, you sa
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Hotshot pt.2 [AvengersxReader]
You handed the device back to Natasha. With a sigh you moved the blanket off of your legs and went to stand up, only to finally become aware of the sensors and the needle in your left arm. Natasha must've notified someone of your being awake because as you went to just start pulling these things off, a nurse ran up to your side and removed everything carefully. A quietly muttered thank you came from you as she finished, and you turned back to Natasha only to find a paper bag in front of you.
"I brought you some clothes. It'll probably be more comfortable than the hospital gown." She smirked as she handed you the bag.
This was the first time you had really thought about your own attire since being awake. You looked down at yourself, and you noticed that you were indeed only wearing a flimsy hospital gown. You carefully pulled each of the items out of the bag and placed them on the bed next to you. There was a white t-shirt, cargo pants, a pair of white socks, some odd looking underwear,
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Hotshot pt.1 [AvengersxReader]
See description first, it should make things a bit more clear.
A dull ache, in the back of your head by your neck. This was the first thing you noticed as you gained consciousness. You could feel the muscles in your arms begin to twitch and the rest of you body beginning to stir. It felt as though you have been asleep for ages, but this was taken off your mind as you noticed the noises in the room you were in. There was a beeping, soft and repetitive, and as you slightly shifted your legs you could hear and feel the rustle of a blanket. Finally, feeling like your mind was awake enough, you slowly opened your eyes.
At first, the room you were in was far too bright and you had to close your eyes again, but as you adjusted to the light you realized you couldn't focus your eyes yet. The entire room looked  hazy, and you began to try and take in your surroundings. It was white and clean, almost like a hospital, and as your eyes swept left to right, you noticed that there was som
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I Remember pt. 6 [AU] [JeanxReader]
"Jean! You're never going to believe what happened to me today!" You exclaimed as you busted into your shared apartment. You found him sitting on the couch in the living room, as you came closer he looked up from the book in his hands.
"Let me guess, you were late?" He smirked.
You crossed your arms and gave a pout. "I was NOT late, you butt." You gave a huff, then proceeded to sit next to him and give a beaming smile. "I found a friend!"
Jean eyed you for a moment before it clicked, "You mean someone from back then?"
"Yes!" You practically jumped on him out of excitement.
"Oh, really?" He smiled at you, glad to see you so ecstatic. "And who might this friend be?"
Immediately his face changed, his brows furrowed and he clenched his jaw, but you were too far into your own excitement to notice. "...Eren. As in Jaeger?" He practically spit the words out.
Noticing his change in his voice you really looked at him and noticed his change in demeanor. "...yeah, Eren Jaeger." You were p
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I Remember pt. 5 [AU] [JeanxReader]
As you stared into those all too familiar eyes your mouth seemed to move on its own, "...E-Eren?"
At hearing this his face lit up and he pulled you into a hug, "Oh my god, [f/n] you remember me! Thank god!" He pulled away so he could look at your face wearing a huge smile. All you could manage to do was stare at him in disbelief, besides Jean no one else had approached you because they remembered. It wasn't until you spotted a blond running at the two of you that you broke out of the little trance you had been in.
"Eren! You can't just run away like that without telling me where you're going!" The blond scolded him, and then his eyes caught yours staring at him. He smiled kindly and greeted you, "Oh hello, I don't think I've ever seen you before, how do you know Eren?"
"Armin? Is that you?" You brows furrowed, and you were certain it was him, he even had the same haircut and eyes that he had had back then.
"Huh? You know my name?" He looked extremely confused as he tried to
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Wake Up [MikasaxReader]
Your eyes slowly pried open in disgust as sunlight poured in from the window onto your pillow. You yawned as you sat up and lazily glanced around the room, to find that you are alone.
Your eyes went wide and only one thought raced through your mind 'what time is it?!'
You jumped out of bed, flinging the covers off of your body as you ran to put your clothes on. 'Fuck! I can't miss breakfast two days in a row!'
As you threw your clothes on your body as fast as possible, all you could think was malice towards the person who had promised she would wake you. 'Sasha! I swear I will never share food with you again!'
A chill ran up that very brunette's spine as she ate her own breakfast.
"What's wrong Sasha?" Connie asked noting how her face went pale and she had paused her relentless eating.
"I feel as though I may have just been sentence to death." She wore a very grim expression before laughing it off and going back to her food. It wasn't until she heard the deliberate foot steps appro
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I Remember pt.4 [AU] [JeanxReader]
The wind was warm as it blew across the terrain, lightly brushing your features as you sat propped up by a tree. You looked down at the copper-blond head resting in your lap and smiled. Moments like this were few and far between, but you were happy they could happen.
"Jean! [f/n]!"
You looked over in the direction of the voice to find Marco running up to you two.
"We really need to head back to the training grounds now. If we don't Shadis will get angry..." Marco had a partial smile on his face, but you could clearly see the worry on his face.
You patted Jean's head lightly, "Come on Jean, we really should get back." You lifted your legs slightly causing Jean to grunt and look up at you.
"Ugh I guess..." He sighed as he sat himself up, stretching his arms and yawning. As you started to stand up, Marco offered you his hand, which you gladly took and quickly stood up with his help. "Hey! How come no one offers me help?" Jean pouted as he stood up.
"Well you didn't have a heavy head on yo
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I Remember pt.3 [AU][JeanxReader]
Today was the day. Marco was coming over, and you could help but feel nervous. Sure you had been friends in a past life, but this was your second time meeting him in this life. You desperately hoped you wouldn't cry this time. Jean tried his best to calm you, but it didn't help much. You would be calm and sitting on the couch for a moment, then you would get up and start pacing around the house again.
Then there was a knock on the door, interrupting you from your worrying. You stared at Jean, and waited for him to open the door. Jean made his way to the door and as he opened it, a bright smile covered his face. "Marco, it's good to see you."
"It's been a while, Jean!" Marco brought his friend into a hug. You stared at them awkwardly from where you were standing for a bit before walking over slowly. As Marco released Jean from the hug, his eyes landed on you.
There was a small blush on your face from your nervousness. You were finally able to mutter out a greeting. "...he-hello...!"
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Somebody to you (Steve x Reader) One shot
2016, New York – Some time after the events of Civil War (SPOILERS)
Eleven hours, twenty-three minutes and forty seconds. That was how long you had been on your feet, waiting tables in the little café just a block from your apartment. You had worked since seven in the morning and were supposed to be finished more than three hours ago. If you didn’t need the money you would have left already, but the bills didn’t pay themselves and now that you were almost done with your neurology studies, you took on all the extra weekend hours you could get to safe up some money.
    You were ready to go home though, when your boss called you back in, asking you to make one final round because your colleague hadn’t come in yet. You agreed reluctantly, telling him you expected a fat Christmas bonus this year. You stumbled towards the new customer that had walked in, dragging your feet forwards, feeling the nagging pain as you walked
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The right partner (Steve x Reader) - Final Part
When you woke up again late at night the bed was cold and empty. You slowly pushed yourself up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. It was completely dark inside the room, but you didn't need your sight to know something was wrong. Steve was gone.
You felt your heart beat violently in your chest and your stomach turned as your mind started racing, coming up with all kind of terrible scenarios. You quickly got out of Steve's bed and made your way to the door. You called out for him softly, hoping he was in the bathroom or watching TV in the small living room next door.
There was no sound whatsoever.
You walked out onto the hallway, seeing the moonlight illuminate your way to the kitchen. You didn't dare to breath as you looked down, seeing little drops of blood lead your way down the hall.
'Oh, no...' you whispered as you started running and tried to keep yourself from crying.
You had done all you could, even enhancing the cure with some of the components of doctor Erskine's original seru
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Timing is everything (Steve X Reader) - Final part
One years later, after the events in age of Ultron
A soft, cold breeze blew through the streets of New York. You took in a deep breath and smiled, looking around you. It had been over a year since you had set foot in the city, but you were finally back. 
While you were in your hometown you had worked your ass off. You were able to save up a lot of money and you broadened your knowledge and skills by taking courses and classes. You had done so greatly in your new job that just a few weeks ago they had offered you a promotion as a manager in their new office, which of course had to be in New York. 
You had accepted the offer right away and moved back to the Big Apple nearly a week ago. You had gotten a large apartment in the center of New York with a stunning few of the whole city. Today all your belongings had arrived and you had spent the whole Saturday morning unpacking everything. Now you were making your way towards one of the cafeterias you used to go to, to
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[Steve Rogers x Reader] Homesick (ACTUAL FINALE)
There was a sharp knock on the door. Steve startled awake, groaning as he groggily came to. It was light outside the slatted blinds and the air was thick with the bitter smell of alcohol and smoke. He was lying face down on his bunk, green collared shirt rumpled on his chest and his blond hair was a mess from the pillow. Levering himself onto his forearms, he pressed the heel of his palm to his forehead, wincing.
 "Who is it?" Steve called in a scratchy morning voice. His mouth was dry and his head was pounding. This was by far the worst hangover he'd had in seventy years.
 "Open the door, Rogers." Natasha's voice was muffled through the door, but unmistakably cold. Odd. It was taking a while for last night's memories to return as Steve started to haul himself upright.
 "Can you two keep it down?" Tony muttered from somewhere. Surprised, Steve glanced to see the smaller man sprawled on the carpet, rubbing at his eyes. Tony was still in his full uniform and a whiskey glas
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Made of Stone (Steve x Reader) - Part 7
2015, somewhere in Asia - Going after Ultron
'There!' you cried out to Clint, pointing at a truck that was driving just below you with the logo of doctor Cho's lab on the side.
Once Steve had made his way inside, it had become clear that Ultron had already escaped. He had destroyed the whole lab, killing everyone inside. Except Helen, but she was only barely alive.
'Steve, I'm going down,' you spoke into your earpiece, nodding at Clint to lower the plane so that you could jump out.
'Cap, the truck is on the bridge,' Clint added. 'The cradle is inside. I could take out the driver.'
'Negative,' Steve replied. 'If that truck crashes, the gem could level the city. [Name], I'll meet you there. We need to draw out Ultron.'
'Alright then,' Clint nodded, lowering the jet and opening the back again. 'Go get that son of a bitch.'
You ran out to the opening, checking if the guns Tony had given you were still on your back. You looked around you for a few seconds and just as the truck drove
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See you again (Steve x Reader) - Final part
2012, New York - During the attack on New York
Torches cast long shadows on the great halls of Asgard. You were making your way towards the Bifrost after a very short conversation with the all father: your king, Odin.
It had been over 70 years since you had kneeled before his thrown in that manner. Those years had gone by so fast, and so slow at the same time. Not a day had gone by without you thinking about Steve. You still couldn't believe how stupid you had been for letting him go after Schmidt alone. You should have been there for him. He might have still been alive if you had.
Something he told you over and over in your dreams. Dreams that haunted you every night.
After you had returned from Earth, Odin of course wanted to know what had happened and why you hadn't brought the Tesseract with you. All you could say was that it was safe and that you would never want to return to earth again. He agreed, on the condition that if something were ever to happen with the Tesseract
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Brother!TonyxSister!ReaderxVision Hardheaded
From cool metal to soft earth. The grass brushed against her feet gently. She took a deep breath before turning back to the Blackbird and giving the pilot a large wave.
“Thanks for the ride, Beasty!”
“No problem, kid.” He chuckled.
As the Blackbird took off she walked at a leisurely pace towards the new Avengers Facility.
‘Nice place.’ She gave a small smirk at the facility as she made her way to what she figured was the entrance.
Her toes brushed over an odd patch of ground and she paused. A large intricate circle spread across the ground. She scrutinized it for a moment before shrugging and mumbling to herself.
“Someone isn’t concerned with proper lawn care.”
The sound of a door opening drew her attention to a familiar figure.
“Well if it isn’t little Miss Stark.”
She scrunched up her nose at the man before a large grin dominated her features.
“It’s been too long, Road Runner.” She closed the di
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Made of Stone (Steve x Reader) - Part 2
2015, New York - Avengers Tower day of the party
Music was echoing through the Avengers tower while you were making your way inside the living room. It was packed with people. You had thought it would be a small get together, but you should have known Tony would go full out.
You softly hummed along with the music and looked around you, trying to spot any of the Avengers. You hadn’t seen them since you had all come back from the mission. They had all suggested you’d stay in the tower to rest, but before any of them could ask you to join the team, you had gone to your home in Brooklyn. You needed to clear your head and decide if you wanted to continue this life after everything that had happened.
'[Name]!' Natasha cried out to you from the couch, waking you from your strain of thought. She was sitting next to Tony's friend: Colonel James Rhodes, but she waved you to come over anyway. 'I didn't think you'd come anymore. You
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Made of Stone (Steve x Reader) - Part 1
2015, Sakovia - HYDRA'S Research Base
'Hold on!' Steve yelled at you, as you were sitting on the back of his motorcycle, holding on to him with one hand and shooting down HYDRA agents with the other.
You were driving through a forest covered in ice, somewhere in Sakovia, Eastern Europe. The Avengers were here to find Loki's scepter that Baron Strucker was hiding in a castle like building up a hill just outside this forest.
You knew it was there because you had seen it. You had been held hostage in that base for God knew how long. During the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D you had been captured by Strucker's men, who had taken you all this way to Sakovia to get information from you. As one of the top agents within S.H.I.E.L.D, you had extremely valuable information. Information that wasn't spilled on the internet. You hadn't spoken a word however, and recently you had finally been able to escape.
What the Avengers didn't know however, was that Strucker h
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The man out of time (Steve x Reader)
Soulmate special - version 1: AU where you're born with the name of your soulmate written in your skin.
A/N: There's a brief harassing scene, but it ain't nothing big.
Steven Grant Rogers. You stared at the name written upon your wrist just like you did every morning ever since you discovered the meaning of those words. As it was predicted, one day,  you would meet the man behind the name.
You dismissed the thought as you picked up the silver tray and carefully balanced the dishes before carrying it through the small diner. You set the breakfast special in front of the handsome stranger, who happened to come by every single morning.
He snapped his notebook shut before you could even had a small peek just as he noticed your looming form next to his booth and smiled sheepishly up at you. You grinned as your eyes met his clear blue ones.
"Is there anything else I can get you?" You asked, mentally chiding yourself for taking so long to say anything. It was
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 616 125
Tough Decision (Clint x Reader x Tony)
"Hey there, hotshot."
You grunted, annoyed. "Not now, Clint." 
"Yeah, leave the girl alone, Katniss. Can't you see she is not interested?" Tony chimed in and you were about to thank him when he continued. "Why would she when I'm right here? Right, sweetheart?"
"God danmit! Not you, too!" You sighed in frustration.
"See, Stark? Y/N has good taste. She wouldn't go for you."
"You think that. But we clearly have chemistry." 
Clint huffed in indignation. "Please, you have the chemistry of a stack of poop. Besides, she's into me. Am I wrong, hotshot?"
"Terribly." You replied, amused at their discussion as you prepared your breakfast.
Tony snorted, satisfied with your answer. "Told ya."
"I'm not interested in either of you." You spoke as you skillfully turned the pancake in the pan.
"What?" Both of them cried and you sighed.
"Do I need to repeat myself? I. Am. Not. Interested. Got it?"
"Please. You just don't want to admit it." Clint pointed out as he took one of the pancakes f
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Back in time (Steve x Reader) Final chapter
No you told yourself. No… It had to be here somewhere. You still had it when you went on board of Howard’s plane. Or did you? You felt the panic grow inside your body and you didn’t know what to do. You could only hope you hadn’t lost it during the attack on the HYDRA base. You would never find it again if you had.
You started walking, wiping the tears from your face. You had to stay calm. Even if you had had the key, you still wouldn’t have known if it would have worked. You didn’t know much about time travel, but what you did know however, was that anything was possible. Maybe you should ask Howard if he could cryo-freeze you. Like doctor Zola would do with Bucky…
You quickly shook that thought from your mind. It was too dangerous. What if you lost your memory, like Bucky? Then you still wouldn’t return to Steve. Not really anyway. You quickened your pace and made your way towards Howard’s lab. There must be somethin
:iconsavrom:savrom 288 246
Back in time (Steve x Reader) Chapter 8
The HYDRA agents that were holding you pushed you roughly inside a room, where Schmidt was standing near a large window. Steve was pushed in quickly after you and you were standing next to each other, looking at Schmidt, when he slowly turned around.
‘Arrogance may not be an uniquely American trade, but I must say, you do it better than anyone,’ Schmidt started, looking at the both of you. He walked away from the windows and took his place in front of you. ‘But there are limits to what even you can do, captain… or did doctor Erskine tell you otherwise?
‘He told me you were insane,’ Steve said calmly, looking at Schmidt with a steel face.
‘Ah,’ Schmidt responded, letting the silence linger between them. ‘He resented my genius and tried to deny me what was rightfully mine, but he gave you everything. So… what made you so special?’
Steve smiled. ‘Nothing, I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.’
You could see the am
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Back in time (Steve x Reader) Chapter 6
A few weeks had gone by without any luck finding the last HYDRA base. You were trying desperately to remember where it was, but you couldn’t recall having seen it somewhere in the old S.H.I.E.L.D. files. You helped Steve and his team gather as much information as you could and for the first time in the months you had been here already, you started to feel part of the team.
Steve had put aside his grief for Bucky and had focused all of his attention on finding Schmidt. You had seen him every night at that same bar, talking to him about everything he wanted to talk about. You now knew everything there possibly was to know about Bucky and probably also about Steve. It hurt you to know so much however, because the more you got to know him, the more you started to like him. But every time he looked at Peggy, you knew his heart belonged to her. Of course it did. It always would…
You had also told him as much about yourself as possible. You had changed some of the details to make
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Seeker of Truth - Final Chapter(Avengers x Reader)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 26: Changing the future
Within seconds the baron and his agents had found you again. You ran up the stairs, trying to get as much of a distance between you and them as possible. Before you knew it however the same man that had thrown you on the floor earlier, was standing in front of you. He slammed his hand in your stomach and you stumbled further, falling into the cold ground hard.
You quickly pushed yourself from the floor, seeing the baron coming closer to you. You knew you only had a few minutes left. After that you would no longer be in control of yourself. Maybe you should have told Steve about what had exactly happened, but then he would have definitely come to your rescue and the baron would have made you kill him… You had already lost Tony today. You couldn’t let more people die for you. No. This was where it stopped. This was where it ended.
You reached for the guns on your belt. You had accepted that you would have to die for s
:iconsavrom:savrom 89 120
Jealousy~ (Steve x Reader)
"Oh. Oh yeah! "
"Shh Tony. Don't be so loud."
There was a loud groan and shift behind the door that led to the living area of Avenger's Tower. 
Steve had been walking towards the kitchen when he heard a familiar voice. (First name). 
The Captain had liked (first name) for quite some time, but he always thought she had eyes for Stark. The two were nearly inseparable. Steve knew the day would come when Tony got in her pants. Though, Steve always thought she would play harder to get than this.
There was another groan from the Iron Man and a giggle from his crush. Steve could feel his blood begin to boil. It wasn't that Stark was playing around with her. No. That didn't bother him at all.
At least that's what he tried to convince himself.
Steve was trying his hardest to fight off his possessive feelings towards (first name). Before, he had decided to step back and let her make her own choices. To let her choose which man she liked more. 
Truthfully, he thought she'd make the
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Hi guys, I'm here mainly to say sorry. Of all of my hobbies, writing is the one that has suffered the most from my worsening depression. I still think about my stories, and I want to continue them, I really do, but it's so hard to find the motivation to do so.

but I still love all of you! And seeing your comments and even just you guys favoriting my work brings such a smile to my face ☺️ You're all so wonderful and I'm sorry I can't produce more for you.

im gonna try to this summer though, especially after seeing Captain America: Civil War, makes me want to get to that point too.

anyways, I love you all so much, I hope you're having a great day, and keep being wonderful!


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This is an account I have created just to write and fav xreaders, mainly in the snk fandom, but I do enjoy others as well.


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